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pbAbhijitb is the 28th nakshatra or asterism in Indian astrology system Its longitude starts from 06 40 to 10 53 40 in sidereal Capricorn ie from the last quarter of Uttara Ashdh to first 115 th part of Shravana Hence the abhijit nakshatra is not a regular nakshatra with four ipadasi or quarters it serves as an intercalary asterism most of the times It is not mentioned as frequently as other asterisms in mythology Moon is said to have 27 not 28 wives with whom he stays for one day in a sidereal lunar month Each of the 27 asterisms is feminine only abhijit is masculinep>

Top 30 Abhijit songs

Abhijit songs
Abhijit - Thana Sadar 2021 Movie All Song 5 songs
Abhijit - Ghazals - Cd - 5 30 songs
Abhijit - Dil Se Poochh Kidhar Jana Hai 6 songs

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